Moriarty’s Ringtone from Sherlock

You can probably find other versions on the Internets, but here is an edited version of the Bee Gee’s “Stayin’ Alive” that closely resembles Jim Moriarty’s ringtone from the 2nd season episode of Sherlock. Simply download it and drop it into iTunes for your iPhone.

(NOTE: it took some effort to edit it exactly the same as the version Sherlock used. I was playing them side by side for a long time. I’m sure someone with more Logic skill could have done a better job, but this is very close.)

And if it isn’t clear, I’m talking about the brilliant version of Sherlock, from the BBC, not the terrible movie reboots.

If you use this ringtone you are obliged to answer the phone, listen for a while and then yell “Say that again, and know that if you are lying I will find you… and I will skin you”.

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I think if you do something and it turns out pretty good, then you should go do something else wonderful, not dwell on it for too long. Just figure out what’s next.

— Steve Jobs. This is hanging on the wall in an entrance to Apple. I’ve always felt uncomfortable feeling happy about what people generally consider accomplishments, and this quote finally made me understand that it’s because I like doing things more than having done them. Done is history — it’s no longer hard. Doing is what I think is an accomplishment and what I struggle the most with. It’s hard — it takes energy.

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Danger 5 Trailer

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The Machine That Destroys Everything, with an amazing soundtrack

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The choice between “The King’s Speech” and “The Social Network” isn’t between a British film and an American one, but between a reassuring film and an unsettling one. As excellent as “The King’s Speech” is, it tells us that things were better in the olden days when everyone knew their place, and when a stiff upper lip was all it took to win a war against the Nazis. There are chilling moments—Bertie’s stories of his abused childhood, David’s sneering at his younger brother—but they lead us to the comforting conclusion that love and friendship conquer all, disabilities can be overcome, and, as long as you believe in yourself, good will prevail over evil.

“The Social Network” is another matter. It offers more questions than answers, leaving us to debate which of its characters are heroes and which are villains, who’s been exploited and who’s done the exploiting. It makes some viewers want to log straight onto Facebook, and others vow never to Update their Status again. And it doesn’t let us relax, as “The King’s Speech” does, by being set 60-odd years ago in the art-deco past. It’s a film about now.

Nicholas Barber. I liked “The King’s Speech”. I felt it was a great average film. I doubt I’ll remember it in 6 months, let alone 5 years. For me, “The Social Network” was a masterpiece. I think about it all the time, and I expect to remember it for the rest of my life.

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Dino nuggets!!

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Malcolm Tucker, one of the best characters ever, prefacing his typical outburst.

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Probably incomplete list of Sue Sylvester’s tracksuit styles

  • red with white stripes
  • blue with white stripes
  • black with white stripes
  • white with black stripes and inside collar
  • pink with white stripes
  • black with yellow stripes
  • black with pink stripes (including horizontal stripes on chest)
  • blue with bright blue stripes
  • blue with yellow stripes
  • sky blue with dark blue stripes and inside collar
  • teal with white stripes
  • teal with white stripes and horizontal across chest
  • bright blue with white stripes
  • black with no stripes, but white inside collar
  • black with white piping
  • black with bright red stripes
  • forest green with orange stripes
  • white with red stripes and inside collar
  • brown with yellow stripes
  • purple/violet with sky blue stripes
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In what may turn out to be the most stupid move in Survivor history, JT, playing for the Heroes, gives Russell, playing for the Villains, a hidden immunity idol in the hope of winning his loyalty. Not only that, JT wrote a heartfelt note to Russell, which Parvati enjoyed.

Russell may be the most repulsive person ever, but he certainly makes Survivor interesting and entertaining. In his one and a half seasons on the game, he’s found four hidden idols, once without a clue, used an idol to blindside an opponent, wore an idol to tribal council and not played it, deceived people into voting for his ally so that he could play the idol in their name and win the vote, and now his enemies are crazy enough to give their own idol to him.

And Parvati is brilliant too. I really hope she wins (again).

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Parvati finds a hidden immunity idol. Survivor Season 20 - Heroes v Villains, Episode 9.

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