Moriarty’s Ringtone from Sherlock

You can probably find other versions on the Internets, but here is an edited version of the Bee Gee’s “Stayin’ Alive” that closely resembles Jim Moriarty’s ringtone from the 2nd season episode of Sherlock. Simply download it and drop it into iTunes for your iPhone.

(NOTE: it took some effort to edit it exactly the same as the version Sherlock used. I was playing them side by side for a long time. I’m sure someone with more Logic skill could have done a better job, but this is very close.)

And if it isn’t clear, I’m talking about the brilliant version of Sherlock, from the BBC, not the terrible movie reboots.

If you use this ringtone you are obliged to answer the phone, listen for a while and then yell “Say that again, and know that if you are lying I will find you… and I will skin you”.

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