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Olivia Dunham lives here.

The address shown in the show is fake (as is the impossible IP address), but Google Maps shows it to be somewhere around 108 Chestnut Hill, Brighton. Street view makes it clear they don’t shoot on location (I remember reading that Fringe is shot in New York).

So, now you can virtually stalk the fictional character. But be warned, she’s tough.

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In my advice on how to write an episode of Fringe last week I joked that Peter would use the Fibonacci sequence to explain something to Olivia. Well, it actually happened in this week’s episode. Walter had been storing secrets in safety deposit boxes numbered with elements from the sequence.

For a few moments I basked in the glory of being spot-on the money (despite it being obvious that they would go there eventually). Then I did a little research and it turns out that the creators have been using the Fibonacci sequence since the beginning, both in the marketing materials and in viral stuff like the website. Walter even mumbled the sequence in an earlier episode.

Now I’m beginning to wonder if I knew this all along and just conveniently forgot it. Or maybe I’ve pulled the memories from a future self using “fringe science”. Where is Walter when you need him?

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