A review of my 2005 life.

Favourite Music

I’m so far past caring where my music taste lies on the commercial spectrum, so I’m not ashamed to have two extremely popular albums on my list. Both Gorillaz and Coldplay got right into my head. I found Sufjan Stevens first by accident and then I saw him appear on other “best of” lists.

Favourite Movies

It’s great to see Australian movies on the list. I was so impressed by both The Oyster Farmer and Look Both Ways.

The worst movie I saw all year was Revenge of the Sith. It was terrible.

Best Travel memories

These two places added Russia and Denmark to my “countries visited” list. Even though St. Petersburg was cold and rainy, I loved every minute of it. The absolute hilight was seeing the Kirov Ballet performing Swan Lake at the Mariinsky Theatre.

Favourite Reading

This was another year where I purchased more than I read. I can’t remember any stand-outs.

Favourite TV shows

This was a great television year for me. I significantly reduced the amount of live television I watched, instead relying on recordings, dvds and downloads. The highlights include:


I (again) had the same job through 2005.


I sent 2597 email messages during 2005, an average of only 7 a day. Not counting spam, I received 90203 messages. Unfortunately I can’t easily calculate exactly how many of those arrived in my inbox, but it was less than 7000.

I’m quite happy with those figures – I write less email than I expected. However, I now have to work out where all the time disappears :)