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2007 - The year in review

The sun has revolved around the centre of my universe once again, and it is time for me to record the stuff I enjoyed this year. I guess the choice of dates is fairly arbitrary, except that the majority of the world have settled on a particular moment (give or take time zones) to mark the beginning of a year.

I think I have the once-a-year blogging technique nearly mastered now. I can’t believe people manage to do this every day – it’s taken me days to produce this, and I’ve wondered why I bother. But then I realise that it’s fun for me to look back at things and see how far I have fallen… er.. come. See the lists from 2006, 2005 and 2004 for proof.

The main reason I do this is that I’m addicted to best-of (or worst-of) lists. I love reading them. I don’t mind at all if I disagree with everything on them, the itemisation of people’s tastes is interesting to me1. The only thing that sometimes irritates me are people, usually calling themselves “critics”, who seem to enjoy discounting anything popular as being eligible for their list. While some of my favourite things might be obscure, I hopefully have an open mind when it comes to enjoying things (I did go to see Transformers!).

Anyway, enough rambling. This thing is long enough without extra rubbish from me. I’ve split the year up into a few pages:

(Probably) signing off until the same time next year.

  1. See this incredible list of 2007 lists.