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2007 - The year in television

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There is so much awesome TV on that I have trouble finding the time to watch it. My favourite shows are definitely “Dancing With the Stars”, “Are you smarter than a fifth grader?”, “America’s Next Top Model”, “The Biggest Loser”…. c’mon!

I guess my point is that it is interesting to be living in a time where TV is producing some of the best content ever, but the really popular shows are complete crap.

Top of the crop

I could list a bunch of shows as favourites, but two stand out from the rest.

Despite having no interest whatsoever in American Football, I loved Friday Night Lights. The show isn’t really about football, it’s about the community of a small town in Texas that is brought together by its obsession with highschool football. I find the characters so realistic that I actually cried three times in the first season (the shame!). The stars are coach Eric Taylor and his wife Tami, who are played so realistically by Kyle Chandler and Connie Britton that I often forget they are not really married.

Not enough people watch the show and it was in danger of not being renewed. This scares me. I (almost) couldn’t live without it.

Next on the awesome list is Dexter, a show about a serial killer that only kills bad people. For a while I felt uncomfortable identifying so strongly with a serial killer, but I’ve given up worrying - Dexter is my soul mate. If, dear reader, you one day wake up to see my name plastered in the national papers you can trace it back to this show.

The rest of the great

I was overjoyed to find that Curb Your Enthusiasm and the wacky adventures of Larry David came back for their sixth season. This provided the best character on this year’s TV, Uncle Leon, who also had the best (NSFW) quotes of the year:

You get in that ass Larry!

I gotta fuck you up Larry.

Gerbil got in the elevator, hit ‘up’ and went up your asshole?

They probably make no sense without context, but he really said some amazing stuff during the season. I really hope Curb comes back for a seventh season with Leon Black.

Other hits:

Next, the rest of my rambling, and if you’re reading backwards you’ll head to my year in music.