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2008 - The year in review

Otherwise known as…

The OMFGG!!, Matt Damon-bedding, Whiskey Tango, tights are not pants, real police, Evil League of Evil approved, yes we can, wanna see a magic trick, sheeeeeeeeeeet, Vampire Weekend/Cullen/Sookie, bona fide hustler, wonderfulonium-powered, Recession-proof, rickrolled awards for 2008 awesomenimity.

I spend way too much time on these, so this year I’m taking it easy. Rather than lots of pointless commentary from me, I’m trying to keep it mostly mostly in list form, unless I have something essential to say. This yearly review comes to you in four acts, television, music, movies and all the other crap, and is designed to be sung to the tune of Katie Perry’s “I Kissed A Girl”.

Also, since 2008 was the year of twitter, there is a version of the yearly review for twitter addicts (those who have forgotten how to read stuff longer than a paragraph :). I love how people have convinced each other that the limitation of 140 characters means they are putting a lot more thought into what they write. Someone should have explained that to Dostoevsky or Tolstoy. Seriously?!?! Maybe the slackers will make 2009 the year of single words… or just colours. So much quicker to read. OK, enough ranting – this was supposed to be a celebration of the year. Enjoy.

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