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2008 - The Year in Other Crap

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Where I went

Thankfully not as much travel as previous years.

Best Mobile Phone, Widescreen iPod and breakthrough internet device

… because I forgot to mention it last year and it is still extremely cool.

Bestest Internet videos

Favourite Celebrity Babies

Celebrities having babies was 2008’s second biggest fad behind vampires.

Favourite Celebrity Couple


I didn’t read much this year and only two books really stood out.

The first is “The Time Traveler’s Wife” by Audrey Niffenegger. It’s not a spoiler to give away the premise, which is that it is about a woman with a husband who occasionally and uncontrollably slips through time. It might sound silly, but the idea makes for some really interesting situations: such as the fact that they meet each other for the first time twice - once when he is an adult and she is a child, and then later when she is an adult (before he has travelled to meet her). Confusing, but I got totally hooked and cried like a baby.

The other book was “Generation Kill” by Evan Wright, which was made into the mini-series I mentioned earlier. It was amazing to learn how much of the show was real-life events.

I also read all four of the Twilight novels. I’d say they sucked, but that joke is too easy. The first one was a lot of fun. The latter ones are getting extremely silly.

Lastly, I also tried to get into the Gossip Girl books thinking they would be as awesome as the show. They are not. They are as bad as mistaking tights for pants. Seriously, Rufus is bald and overweight in the books!!! C’mon!! Who do you want: an ugly Rufus or the lead singer of early 90s sensation Lincoln Hawk?

Predictions for 2009

Will contain approximately 350 days. I aim for 5% error.