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2008 - The Year in Television

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Bestest Returning TV Shows

The attention to detail in every episode of LOST still amazes me. This shortened season was one of the best, even though it could not compete with the incredible finale to Season 3.

Eric and Tami Taylor

Even with the one silly storyline from Season 2, FNL still breaks my heart again and again. I’m convinced that Eric and Tami are real people.

Dexter and Miguel Prado

Dexter found an amigo/patron this year, but it is the foul-mouthed Deb Morgan that totally steals the show.

Deborah Morgan

Bestest New TV Shows

I’ve got a whole section on Gossip Girl below.

I finally decided to watch The Wire and, yes, it is that good. I won’t bother to even try talking about how great it is—there are hundreds of smarter writers explaining it better than me. One warning though: I watched it non-stop, a few episodes a days for weeks on end and started having nightmares. It is a very intense show.

Generation Kill was a mix of the funniest and most terrifying things I could imagine on TV. Like The Wire, it had a love of language, fantastic story and brilliant acting.

True Blood was cute (Vampires are this year’s pink). I’ve already had fun with Fringe.

Bestest individual TV episode

As Keanu would say, whoa. Not quite as mind-blowing as “Through The Looking Glass” but pretty close. Desmond is my constant.

Bestest Gossip Girl Moments

According to NY Magazine, Gossip Girl is the most important show of our generation, and they just might be right. Frenemies, bromances, fashion, blogs, and people referred to using only their initial letter (thankfully no one in the show has clashing initials).

An example: there is a character named Nate Archibald, who has a father called “The Captain” (really! - and he often dresses like a sailor). N has scored with B and S and V and J (as well as The Duchess and the girl from fake-Yale). Way to go N.

There are so many fantastic moments to pick from. Here are my favourites:

Chuck and Blair

But, for me, the pinnacle of the Gossip Girl year came the day that the entire school somehow managed to have each student wear a different coloured bright coat.

Coats of many colours

Of course, Chuck wore bright orange. (Note to self: consider how much time you put into grabbing all these shots and pasting them together - is GG becoming an obsession?)

See also: my blorgs on GG

You know you love me. XOXO.

Best Benjamin Linus Moments

Jack and Locke have been the main characters on LOST for a long time, but more recently the show has focused on Ben - the best character on TV. No matter what horrible things he does, no matter how often he lies, no matter who he manipulates, no matter how many times you scream “NEVER TRUST BEN!” you still wonder if he’s the real deal.

Ben saying "You're mine"

“How can you possibly not understand…that you’re mine!”

Ben yelling at Locke

“How many times do I have to tell you John? I always have a plan!”

Ben talking to Sawyer and Hurley

“See you guys at dinner”

Ben with Hurley

Sharing an Apollo chocolate bar with Hurley

I decided to leave my real favourite out because it is a big spoiler (it involves his daughter). Those who have seen it will remember the moment where Ben’s face changes from fear to anger, then to hatred, and then to sorrow. You felt pain for Ben, despite all the evil deeds up till then.

Best TV Moments (that didn’t have Benjamin Linus or Gossip Girl)

Police that moustache

Police that moustache (poh-leece that moo-stache) from Generation Kill.

Elevator ride from hell

The elevator ride that Daniels and McNulty take just after the truth is revealed - “To be continued.” (video on YouTube)

Favourite Sing-along Blog

Dr Horrible Title Card

Dr Horrible’s Sing-along Blog was so awesome it deserves its own category. See also: my blorgs about it.

Dr Horrible still images

Next, my year in music.